I joined GOOD at the start of 2008, when it was about a year old, because I was so struck with its sensibility ('live well and do good'), which seemed then and is apparent now to be a fundamental shift in culture. I was excited about the potential of the brand, and there was an intent to expand it beyond the magazine into new products and services.

Given what happened in 2008, as much of my time was focused on how to survive as a young media company, as on growth opportunities. But I learned a lot — more than I ever thought I would about the (paper) magazine business, and about the economics and landscape of digital content.

We did survive. And it turned out the major growth opportunity for us was helping other brands navigate the sensibility, even more so than launching other GOOD-branded products and services.
That led to Max Schorr and I starting GOOD/Corps in late 2009.

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