At Adventis, we did a lot of strategy work for BT (British Telecom), most of which was around how to take advantage of the opportunities created by broadband. It's interesting to view the world from the position of the dominant incumbent operator that knows it needs to innovate.

One of those projects involved a cost model of the entire BT network to figure out the viability of upgrading the network to fiber — from each branch connecting 24M homes to the backhaul trunks. Another was the business plan for what would become BT TV, which launched in 2006.

Entering the TV market in the UK is no easy thing (Sky controls premium content), and making it economic to deliver via broadband (IPTV) makes it harder. It was a bold move by BT, and thankfully it seems to be paying off.

In hindsight, working on BT TV was a precursor to working on the Google Fiber launch, years later.

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