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The waterways and marshes of the Linyanti River delta.

Linyanti River is in Northern Botswana, and the camp we went to was 120 miles west of Victoria Falls. Getting there is a bit of a clown show: jeep drive from Victoria Falls to the Botswana border; walk across the border, sheep deep your feet (to avoid transfering foot and mouth disease), another jeep to Kasane airport; small plan to Linyanti dirt airstrip; helicopter into Linyanti Expeditions camp. Miles without tarmac are a different scale than miles with. 

Linyanti Expeditions is a seasonal camp, only open during the dry season when the river recedes, leaving behind lagoons, marshes, grasslands and adjacent riverine forest. As the waters recede during dry season, animals congregate around the remaining pools, leading to an intensity of social and predatory interactions. 

With ‘Prof Ken’ as a guide, a pride of lions became the throughline of our time there; tracking or following them over the course of four days as they assembled the pride, then feasted together on a hippo. Alongside this multi-day journey was the most beautiful, quiet time with eagles, waterbuck, elephants, zebra and mokoro (traditional Okavango canoes).  African Bush Camps know what they’re doing.