World Value Index

As Brian Hardwick and I drove to the desert, en route to an enso retreat, we talked about the movement we were part of—a movement towards a more generative form of business. We were both frustrated that the shift was not happening fast enough, and realized there are few metrics of success guiding and compelling companies towards this transition. CEOs and leaders contemplating performance can look at a bunch of things, from earnings, to brand value, to creative awards at Cannes—but there’s not an obvious indicator how much they really mean to the world.

The World Value Index is our attempt at creating that indicator. Rather than orient brand value around shareholder value (like Interbrand’s list, or Fortune’s list), we orient brand value around how much a brand means to everyday people.

We’ve published this work widely for three years now, presented it in conferences, business schools and to leadership teams of many companies.
It compels conversation, which is exactly what we intend. 

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