Shared Mission: Climate

On the disorienting day after the November 2016 Presidential election, Michael Smith and I had a conversation about the need to find new ways forward for climate solutions. enso mobilized to put something together in a short space of time.

At first, we imagined convening a dozen or so people. But our initial invitees suggested others, who suggested others. Three weeks later, 160 diverse leaders gathered in Santa Barbara. From climate scientists to faith, business, government and philanthropic leaders. 

We designed the two day convening to be part-listening, but focused on action. Small breakout groups worked together to surface, prioritize and refine ideas. Ten teams prioritized eleven key ideas, which benefited from the wisdom, connections and resources of the assembled network. Alliances were established and commitments made. We also hope it illustrated how common ground can be found on even the most politicized of issues.

Optimism creates space for magic.