Sebastian Buck

I’m a co-founder and partner at enso, where we help companies design new futures.

Originally from southern England, I’m now enjoying more light in southern California, with the wonderful @KerryKB.

I’ve lived in the logic world (economics, law, corporate finance, business strategy) and the cultural world (literature, history, travel, photography, street art). That fused into being a strategist, focused on creating new initiatives that add value to the world. I’m a Gates Foundation Goalkeeper and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

I’m an optimist, and my greatest joy is exploring new possibilities for a better way. Sometimes that better way is a new kind of business, or a new way of being, or a new shared mission. I’m optimistic about you. I’m optimistic about a new kind of capitalism, that creates value for shareholders and the world.

Some waypoints on the journey are below. 

Exploring & making


Portrait by Dave Zaboski, Laetro

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