I started GOOD/Corps with Max Schorr in 2009, and then ran it with Kirk Souder. We built it as an agency to help clients navigate the sensibility that GOOD's media efforts had focused on (living well and doing good). It's not hard to see that brands need to cross the rubicon these days — from just selling a lifestyle dream, to actually doing meaningful things. It turns out, most traditional ad agencies aren't great at helping their clients make that transition.

Our first client was Pepsi, on an initiative that became the Pepsi Refresh Project. We went on the build a very diverse team, and in two and a half years we launched initiatives for Starbucks, the Gates Foundation, MasterCard, Carnegie Corporation, GE and Google.

New York Times: Good/Corps Aims to Help Business Meet Social Goals

Kirk and I left GOOD/Corps in March 2012 and started enso.

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